• Client:
    Dirk Blondeel
  • Date:
    December 24 2010
  • Industry:
    Business & Consulting
  • Project URL:

a marketing contest to students and young professionals, called “King of Marketing”. This will go on in different stages (1st stage: marketing related multiple choice questionnaire, 2nd stage: writing a paper on a selected topic, 3rd stage (finam): case day) resulting in the best marketing promise of the year, the “King of Marketing”. The winner gets a nice prize (and job at The House of Marketing). This game is in cooperation with a leading Belgian newspaper and will get extensive coverage there. The target of the challenge is twofold: 1) put the marketing function in the spotlight and 2) give (would-be) marketers the possibility to measure them against others. The logo will be used in the newspaper and on its website, on our website, on the game website, on mailings related to the game and possibly on posters in universities announcing the contest. About The House of Marketing: we are a Belgian consulting company of about 40 people giving Marketing advice and fulffiling temporary roles in marketing, in the wide range of topics that marketing covers. More info can be found on our website: www.thehouseofmarketing.be Special element: this design contest will be used within the challenge as an example of “crowdsourcing” and a question around this will be part of the questionnaire.


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